Sunflowers in Orange Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 16 x 20 inch still life of sunflowers in a very cool orange vase.  I am loving the colors in this painting.  The orange and gold are really nice against the blues and greens of the background.  Unfortunately, we have a man down once again and it looks as if only one sunflower cares.  Bummer.


16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting Sunflowers

I painted some sunflowers.  Surprise, surprise.  This time however, I am showing them on a photo app I was messin’ around with.  This 16 x 20 oil painting of sunflowers reminds me of my dog, Trixi.  It was a painting I was working on the day she died so it will be special to me just like she is.  It kinda looks like her too! 

Royal Compliments 18 x 18 Inch Yellow and Purple Sunflower Still Life

I am working with compliments.  My favorite part about that is that the color mixing from lower layers don’t add unwanted contamination.  For instance, yellow sunflowers on a blue background can result in green in the petals when painting in one sitting.  Yellow flowers on a purple background make a nice grey that looks more like another tone in the petal rather than contamination.  

Windy Day 16x 20 Inch Acrylic Sunflower Painting

Today I went to a painting party at my sister’s house.  We had a small get together for the birthday of a long time friend of mine.  The gals painted a girl in Paris with Cinnamon the Art Sherpa and I painted sunflowers for my booth at the Mountainair Sunflower Festival in August.  I love how fast acrylics dry and how pure colors stay.  I hate how fast acrylics dry and how pure the colors stay.  With oils, I hate how slow they dry and how it is difficult to keep colors pure..but I also love how slow they dry and how difficult it is to keep the colors pure.  What’s a gal to do?  I really enjoyed my time with acrylics today and I hope to be spending more time with them in the future.  It gives my art a very different look and acrylic is so easy to clean up.  An added bonus is that it is so much quicker painting wise.  You don’t have to be as careful and it is so easy to just paint over an area if you don’t like it…not like oils at all in that regard.  I just might be expanding my horizons.  I don’t mean to say I am giving up oils, but acrylics are a nice change once in a while.

Sunflower Still Life 11 X 14 inch Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch still life of sunflowers in a vase.  I like the dropped petals and the position of the leaves.  It looks like the sunflowers are having a conversation about who is responsible for the petals are all over the table making a mess.  Maybe they are saying…”Hey Bob, you dropped your petals.”….Bob says, “Nooooo….not my petals!  Frank?  they yours?”.

Nine Sunflowers in the Desert 18 X 24 Landscape Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 landscape oil painting of my most favorite subjects.  The desert and sunflowers.  Something about the two together, besides the fact that it is the view I see everyday from my back yard, is the vibrant colors and life against the browns of the mesas.  They stand out among all the other flowers.

Wild Sunflowers by the Lake 11 X 14 inch Landscape Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of a landscape depicting wild sunflowers growing near a desert lake on a typical cloudy day.  It probably won’t rain, but the clouds are nice to have around.  It gets hot around here.  These sunflowers seem happy to me.  One is even smiling.