Sunflower Garden 24 x 36 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 24 x 36 Inch Sunflower Oil Painting done in CYM no K (Cyan (Phthalo Blue), Cad Yellow Light, Primary Magenta and no Black) plus White.  I started experimenting with this palette a few months ago and have been slowly learning its oddities.  I really like the warm yellows, rusty oranges, brilliant reds, turquoise blues, vibrant purples…and I am even starting to get the hang of greens.


Sunflowers in Orange Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 16 x 20 inch still life of sunflowers in a very cool orange vase.  I am loving the colors in this painting.  The orange and gold are really nice against the blues and greens of the background.  Unfortunately, we have a man down once again and it looks as if only one sunflower cares.  Bummer.

Sunflower Hiding Place 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

I really love this little sunflower painting.  It goes well with the “Sunflower Awe II” I completed a few days ago.  I like the simplicity in the colors.  The blues are cooler than what the picture shows.  The vibrancy depends on the light situation but I would describe the blues as more turquoise and aqua against golden yellows of the sunflowers and the olive tones in the stems. The picture below captures the true color of the flowers and stems.

The picture below is adjusted to show a more true color of blue.  Ignore the sunflowers.  Yikes!

The Sun 14x 18 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 14 X 18 inch oil painting.  I believe I have found my own way (to my liking) of depicting the moon.  Now I am working on the sun.  I thought about giving the sky a yellow color, but it would have overpowered the sunflower in my opinion.  Too much yellow I feel for one painting (for my taste).  Does anyone have any ideas on how to portray that brightness while still having a deep blue sky?  I want my painting to be recognizable as the sun, but I don’t want it particularly realistic.  I want representational.  I also thought about painting a few concentric circles of yellow around the sun but will save that for the next painting.

Blurry Sunflowers 16×20 inch Oil Painting

This is a 16 X 20 inch oil painting of sunflowers in red, yellow and green.  I have been messing around with the palette knife lately and used it in this painting to cover up many words in the background.  I wanted the words there, but not to be seen.  I know they are there however and this painting is for me and when I look at it, I am reminded of what is beneath.   I like the weird little blue green spot in the leaf and the blurry centers.  

Single Sunflower Oil Painting 16×20

This is a 16 X 20 oil painting of a single yellow sunflower in the dark that I painted to match another piece I did a few weeks ago.  He looks like he has his arms out for a hug.  I am waiting patiently for my real sunflowers to come up.  Looks like it is going to be great year for holly hock, but I think them darn chickens of mine have been plucking out the baby sunflowers.  I purposely set them free in the garden closest to the house because the sunflowers were just too close and I did want them thinned out…but they might have gotten rid of most of them.  We’ll see.  I still have the area closest to the back wall and will keep my fingers crossed for a least a few of them beauties.  I did this in between drawing excavators.  Practice excavator…paint a few petals….yikes.