Compliments Red Sunflowers Green Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

More sunflowers for the cold winter.  I am counting down the months till I can see real ones. This oil painting of red sunflowers is 16 x 20 inches.


11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting Sunflower Still Life Reds and Blues

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of rustic and painterly sunflowers.  My sunflowers are finishing up for the season and I have enjoyed watching the finches gobble down the seeds.  I was watching them yesterday while I considered the lilies and the sparrows.

18 X 24 Inch Joyful Sunflower Still Life Heavily Textured Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 inch still life oil painting of a blue vase of yellow sunflowers.  This painting is warmly toned, heavily textured and very touchable.  

There are five sunflowers in this vase, and one fallen down.  He is held up by the blue table safe from the ground.

12 X 16 inch Acrylic Sunflower Still Life: Sunflowers and Grapes, Circles, Rectangles and Triangles

This is a 12 X 16 inch still life of sunflowers and grapes in an orange vase.  One of these guys is trying really hard to reach those grapes.  This painting will be included in my collection painted for the Mountainair Sunflower Festival.

16 X 20 Inch Acrylic Sunflower Still Life

This is a 16 X 20 acrylic painting I painted for the Mountainair Sunflower Festival.  My favorite part of this painting is the red vase.  This was my first try using Golden Heavy Body Acrylic paints.  I enjoyed working with them.  They are not like oil, but I think they are a good substitute.

Sunflowers in Green Vase 16 X 20 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 16 X 20 inch still life oil painting of a crowded group of sunflowers in a bright green vase.  I am painting sunflowers in preparation for the Mountainair Sunflower Festival at the end of August.  

This vase of sunflowers looks like it just had a really big dinner.

Two Sunflowers in a Vase

This is an 11 X 14 inch painting of sunflowers in a vase.  I am learning how to do still life painting.  The reason is that I love the way that still life brings light out of the dark.  I want to get to the point where the focus on my painting is light.