Shaggy Sunflowers Orange Vase 18 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

Just shaggy yellow sunflowers.  I think I see a heart.


Sunflower Garden 24 x 36 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 24 x 36 Inch Sunflower Oil Painting done in CYM no K (Cyan (Phthalo Blue), Cad Yellow Light, Primary Magenta and no Black) plus White.  I started experimenting with this palette a few months ago and have been slowly learning its oddities.  I really like the warm yellows, rusty oranges, brilliant reds, turquoise blues, vibrant purples…and I am even starting to get the hang of greens.

Sunflowers in Blue Vase 12 X 16 Inch Oil Painting

This is an oil painting still life of yellow sunflowers in a blue vase against a violet background sitting on a yellow table.  This painting is 12 X 16 inches.

Red Sunflowers Green Vase Painting 12 X 16 Inch Acrylic

This is a 12 X 16 inch acrylic painting of red sunflowers in a green vase.  I like the complimentary colors of the red sunflowers in the green vase.  At the same time,  I like the way the purple table, blue background and green vase flow together and almost stand down to let the red pop.

11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting Sunflower Still Life Reds and Blues

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of rustic and painterly sunflowers.  My sunflowers are finishing up for the season and I have enjoyed watching the finches gobble down the seeds.  I was watching them yesterday while I considered the lilies and the sparrows.