Three Sunflowers in a Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting


White Lilies Blue Vase 11 x 14 Inch Still Life Oil On Canvas

The more I stare at this, the more I like it.  Sometimes, it takes me a few days to really appreciate what I’ve painted.  I know the difference between what I had in mind and what my hand decided to do.  This was inspired by a monthly lesson I do with Nancy Medina of white lilies.

Vase of White Daisies in Cerulean and Orange 12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting

This vase of daisies is vibrant.  I am loving the brush and knife strokes and the colors.  I have decided that I need to use more cerulean blue.  Beautiful blue!

Sunflowers in Orange Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 16 x 20 inch still life of sunflowers in a very cool orange vase.  I am loving the colors in this painting.  The orange and gold are really nice against the blues and greens of the background.  Unfortunately, we have a man down once again and it looks as if only one sunflower cares.  Bummer.

Purple Flowers Blue Vase 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

I have painted very little recently but did manage to get this one done.  This is an 11 x 14 inch oil painting done mostly with the painting knife.  I can do that…sort of…with the casted right hand.  I used my left hand when I had to, but tried to keep with my right.  It takes A LOT of focus and brain power to use the left hand and I just wanted to paint and listen to podcasts.  Not bad.

12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting Pink Flowers

I got my cast today and things are looking up.  I can do some things with my right hand which means I can mix my own colors.  So awesome!  I can also hold a paint brush.  I have to modify and use a lot of my left hand, but I can do this.  This painting was started the day I broke my hand.  I had an undercoat blocked it.  I felt so good after getting my cast today that I thought I could finish it.  I did!!!  This is two handed, left hand, right hand…whatever works to get the paint down, pink flowers in a grey vase.

Here is where I started from:

Zinnias and Daisies 18 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

I am still working with primary colors and their compliments.  I was able to get orange and blue, yellow and purple as well as red and green into this painting in a way that I thought popped but didn’t look like confetti.  This is an 18 x 24 inch oil painting of orange zinnias and yellow daisies.