Compliments Red Sunflowers Green Vase 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

More sunflowers for the cold winter.  I am counting down the months till I can see real ones. This oil painting of red sunflowers is 16 x 20 inches.


Jasmine and Peach Still Life 12 X 16 inch Oil Painting

This is my final still life painting from a class I just finished.  The class included 8 still life lessons and 2 lessons on miscellaneous topics.  The teacher is Daniel Edmondson and I enjoyed the class and thought he gave me lots of helpful advice.  I might take the beginning landscape course next.  I painted this on a 12 X 16 canvas with 2 extra coats of gesso on top of the pre-primed coats.

Pear and Olives Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 still life of a pear in a martini glass with lots of olives.  More fruit again this week in the painting class.  I went rogue.  I didn’t paint grapes and I wanted lots of green.  I changed the colors of the painting and went with olives.