Orange Poppies and Wild Flowers 18 x 24 Inch Painting.

I have been busy this week making poppy fields!  This will be the last one for the week…or should be because I got stuff to do!  This was the poppy painting that got me hooked on yellow ochre skies for a few paintings.  Happy Wednesday everybody!

Orange Poppies, Ochre Sky 14 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

I discovered cadmium orange a few weeks ago.  I hate to admit that I can’t mix an orange as pure as cad orange out of the tube.  It is such a happy color!  I like to keep my colors to a minimum (I usually have about 10 colors I work from), but lately I’m thinking cad orange and cerulean blue need to be part of my palette.

Outside the City 18×18 Abstract Palette Knife Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 18 painting of poppies.  I am experimenting with palette knives. I used brushes to get general shapes and then did the rest of it with the knife.  My sister wants this one, so she will get it when it is dry.  She loves palette knife paintings in the more abstract form.