Ender Dragons 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Paintings

Thanks to Darkonator https://drawinghub.com/tut/how-to-draw-ender-dragon-19583 , I was able to learn how to draw an ender dragon from Mine Craft.  I painted her twice yesterday and once today.  The reason was because I had my first teaching lesson today with an 8 year old named Kaeleigh.  She wanted to paint the ender dragon.  I was told the ender dragon is a “she” because she does something with eggs, and girls lay eggs.  For the life of me I can’t remember exactly where eggs come into play and what she does with them, but they do and that is what matters.  We had lots of fun.  I learned much about video games and Taylor Swift.  This week was a gauge to kinda see where we are.  Next week we will start something more traditional like fun spheres and fun boxes. 

Red and Green 11 x 14 Inch Floral Still Life Oil Painting

This is an 11 x 14 inch floral oil painting in the complementary colors of red and green. I really like watching the colors change during the day as different light hits the painting.

Orange and Blue Mini Paintings 4 x 4 Inch Flowers

There isn’t much to say about these floral mini paintings except that they are so cute!  I have painted quite a few of these and still say soooo cute every time I finish a new one.

Sunflower Awe II 18 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

I was in the mood for a really busy sunflower painting.  This oil painting was difficult to photograph because of the texture. No matter where I moved my lights or what angle I shot from, I couldn’t get a picture I was happy with.  The painting itself is really cool.  Every little brush and knife stroke stands out.  I like looking at it from the side.

Compliments Purple and Yellow Iris Still Life 14 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 14 x 18 inch oil painting done in complimentary colors.  I am working with yellows and purples at the moment.  I painted this one for my bathroom.  I love that when I get tired of the art I currently have hanging that I can throw out what I don’t want, or give away (I am trying to talk my husband into a bon fire) and then put a brand new piece up.