Over the Blue Gate

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting inspired by the blue, red wood gate in my back yard and the flowers that grow around it.  


Single Sunflower Oil Painting 16×20

This is a 16 X 20 oil painting of a single yellow sunflower in the dark that I painted to match another piece I did a few weeks ago.  He looks like he has his arms out for a hug.  I am waiting patiently for my real sunflowers to come up.  Looks like it is going to be great year for holly hock, but I think them darn chickens of mine have been plucking out the baby sunflowers.  I purposely set them free in the garden closest to the house because the sunflowers were just too close and I did want them thinned out…but they might have gotten rid of most of them.  We’ll see.  I still have the area closest to the back wall and will keep my fingers crossed for a least a few of them beauties.  I did this in between drawing excavators.  Practice excavator…paint a few petals….yikes.