Payam’s Cabin 18 X 18 Inch Oil

This is an 18 X 18 inch oil painting of Payam’s cabin.  It is a gift.


Lone Desert Sunflower

This is a 16×20 oil painting of a single sunflower set against, once again (my favorite), a barren desert backdrop.  Peace and quiet.

Crow Oil Painting, “Decisions”

This is an 11×14 inch painting of a crow I titled “Decisions”.  Most of this painting is done in varying shades of black and white on top of an orange under painting to bring out the color of the trinket in the crows mouth and the little red marble or bead…observers choice.  I picture him looking around and guarding his marble.  He can’t decide which he wants, the trinket or the marble.  His beak can only hold one.  Maybe he is waiting for a buddy to come get the marble?

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Ted the Rooster Oil Painting

This is a 16 X 20 inch oil painting of a rooster named Ted.  I painted him as a favor for a friend of my husband.  My husband has a few paintings of mine in his office at work.  One of those paintings is a rooster that we used to own named Moose.  She has a rooster named Ted and she asked if I would paint him.  Ted is black, but I thought he should be blue.  She loves her painting of Ted!

The Hippopotamus Oil Painting, Big Fat Hippo

This is a 16×20 oil painting of a hippopotamus I painted for my niece.  I think he’s pretty cute.  His eyes seem happy to me and the colors are great in person.  They change dramatically depending on the light.  The back ground goes from a really nice blue-green to the blue you see in this picture.  This hippo gave me nightmares.  I have never painted a hippo before and I really procrastinated on this one for 5 days from the start.  I got the underpainting done and just kinda scratched my head thinking….now what.  I don’t wanna paint just a fat brown gray hippo.  Finally, 5 days after starting, I just said Dawn, just paint.  See what happens.  Lo and behold, my niece got a cute hippo with great teeth out of the deal.  She loved it!

Then I did this little 11×14 painting of a rhinoceros called Kiira on the Savannah while my sister painted an acrylic owl with the Art Sherpa on Youtube.

Kiira on the Savannah 11x14 inch Rhinoceros oil painting
Kiira on the Savannah 11×14 inch Rhinoceros oil painting

Peacock, All Dressed Up

This is a 16×20 inch oil painting of a peacock who is all dressed up and ready to dance.  His tail and feathers remind me of a dancer with a fancy outfit.  My mom and I both thought of flamenco dancers.  He still has curlers in his hair though.  He’s not quite ready.

Those boys in the non-human world really take time to get ready for their gals…humans are quite the opposite!  It’s us poor human girls who get all pretty for the men in our lives.  I do wonder why God made the boy animals the pretty ones.  Fish, birds…


Coneflower Oil Painting, Hey Baby…How about some Chai?

This is an 11×14 original oil painting of coneflower.  It’s a depiction of two people with a close relationship.  I was thinking about my husband when I painted it.  It’s cute.  The thing is, every time he hugs me, just like a woman, I ask for something.  The day I painted this, I was on a coneflower and chai tea kick.  He came up and hugged me and I said…hey baby, how about some chai?  I had really dirty hands at that point.  So the title of these coneflowers became “Chai”.