Chem Trails and Cactus 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This 16 x 20 inch palette knife oil painting was inspired by a camping trip to Sumner Lake.  While we fished, I watched the skies as they filled with trails of who knows what.  There were lots of cactus.  My dog, Petey, seemed to find all of them.  We spent some time pulling cactus quills out of his feet.  The cactus were not in bloom quite yet but I needed something to represent danger.  My brother in law suggested drops of blood on the quills.  Blood isn’t really my style.  Red flowers however, are.


Cove and Cactus Blooms 16 X 20 Oil Painting

We went to the lake in Fort Sumner a few weeks ago and the cactuses were starting to bloom.  I enjoy looking at desert landscapes. Seeing pops of color against brown is always welcome.  I think cactus flowers are georgeous…especially bright red ones.  There were pink and yellow as well.