Lone Desert Sunflower

This is a 16×20 oil painting of a single sunflower set against, once again (my favorite), a barren desert backdrop.  Peace and quiet.


Crow Oil Painting, “Decisions”

This is an 11×14 inch painting of a crow I titled “Decisions”.  Most of this painting is done in varying shades of black and white on top of an orange under painting to bring out the color of the trinket in the crows mouth and the little red marble or bead…observers choice.  I picture him looking around and guarding his marble.  He can’t decide which he wants, the trinket or the marble.  His beak can only hold one.  Maybe he is waiting for a buddy to come get the marble?

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Coneflower Oil Painting, Hey Baby…How about some Chai?

This is an 11×14 original oil painting of coneflower.  It’s a depiction of two people with a close relationship.  I was thinking about my husband when I painted it.  It’s cute.  The thing is, every time he hugs me, just like a woman, I ask for something.  The day I painted this, I was on a coneflower and chai tea kick.  He came up and hugged me and I said…hey baby, how about some chai?  I had really dirty hands at that point.  So the title of these coneflowers became “Chai”.


The Life of A Walrus Oil Painting, Henry Takes A Cold Dip

Walrus painting, Walrus Art, Walrus Henry Takes a Cold Dip Painting (Life of a Walrus), Home Decor, Original Oil Painting, Original Art

This is a 16×20″ oil painting of a walrus I named Henry. He is old and wrinkled but still enjoys his cold dips. I think this walrus is lots of fun to hang out with. He looks like he loves being a walrus. What walrus doesn’t love a cold dip?  This painting is colorful with bright blue water and floating ice. He has streaks of purple and blue because it is so cold!!! Good thing he has all those fat layers! This painting is called “Henry Takes a Cold Dip, Life of a Walrus”.

3/4 ” solid wood frame natural cotton duck canvas with painted sides in case customer would prefer not to frame.


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Red Tulip Painting, Red Desert Tulip Painting, Looking for Marvin in the Desert

This is a 14×18 inch oil painting of a red tulip in the desert.  I call it, Looking for Marvin in the Desert.  This tulip’s name is Frank and he always seems to be trying to find Marvin.  Hey Marvin!!!  Maaaarvin!  Hey you!  Ya…you!  This is the second in the series of Looking for Marvin.

Peacock Feathers Drinking from a Fish Bowl: Symbols of Eternal Life

Peacock Feather Painting, Peacock Feathers Drinking From Fish Bowl (Symbols of Eternal Life), Home Decor, Original painting, Resurrection

Symbols of Eternal Life

Colorful 14×18 oil painting of peacock feathers in a beta fish bowl. Peacocks represent eternal life. A peacock drinking from a vase of water is said to be drinking the waters of eternal life. The fish is filled with symbolism of eternal life as well. This fish happens to have the Greek name, Beta which goes off on another trail that might cause the observer to think about the meaning of the Greek word for fish, ichthus.

3/4 ” solid wood frame natural cotton duck canvas with painted sides in case customer would prefer not to frame.

This painting is a combination of palette knife and brush.


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