Tulip Oil Painting

This is a 14 x 18 oil painting of a tulip called Frank.  This is the 4th in a series that my family and I jokingly call looking for Marvin.  I think this tulip looks like he is calling someone, in this case, his buddy Marvin.  “Hey Marvin….Maaaaarvin!”.  He always seems to be calling Marvin.  In this painting, he is at Conchas Lake.  My sister asked for another “Looking for Marvin” painting to match the one she has of Frank in the desert but she wanted a brown sky and blue ground and this is what I ended up painting.


Sunflowers and Echinacea Oil Painting

This is a 14 X 18 inch oil painting of Sunflowers and Echinacea.  I really enjoy seeing purple and yellow together.  It looks to me like this group of flowers has gotten together for a gossip session!  The title of this painting is “Social”.

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Owl Oil Painting, Wise Old Owl, Blue Owl


Blue Owl Painting (Who?), Original Owl Oil Painting, Home Decor, Art, Bird of Prey

This is a 16×20″ oil painting of a blue owl.

I love owls. They are beautiful creatures. However, I worry about owls as well because I raise back yard chickens. When I think about owls in the real world,  I think of nocturnal creatures that inhabit ruins with huge red eyes. I think of hunters. People describe red eyes peering out of the darkness and think of monsters…but in my painting world, the owl is is cute, fluffy bird with great hair.

3/4″ solid wood frame, natural cotton duck canvas

Painted sides

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Desert Flowers Oil Painting

This is an 11 x14 inch oil painting of desert flowers overlooking an arroyo and barren landscape. They remind me of desert marigold. Where I live, there are lots of these pretty little flowers and they grow with very little water out on the mesa. They are one of my favorite desert flowers. Over the years they have populated my yard. I don’t have to do anything to them. Not even water.

11×14 inch oil painting of desert marigold
Solid wood frame natural duck canvas
Sides painted

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Candle Light II

This is a 14 x18 inch oil painting titled “Candle Light II”.  This painting is not textured like the first painting of Candle Light.  My candles always burn in such a way that wax ends up all over the tables and sometimes the floor.  I need to learn that candles and ceiling fans don’t do well together.

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This is Candle Light I

Candle Light Oil Painting, Candle Oil Painting


Sunflowers Oil Painting, Night Moon Flowers

Sunflowers Oil Painting, Red Sunflowers Yellow Sunflowers Moon Sunflowers Painting (Sunflowers Under a Foggy Moon), Home Decor, Original Oil painting, Art, Sunflower Art

This is a hand painted 16×20 colorful painting of a sunflower garden at night. It has sunflowers both yellow and red. The sky is purple and appears to be a little bit foggy. The full moon is a sphere and reminds me of a pearl. This painting is called “Moon Flowers”.

3/4 ” solid wood frame natural cotton duck canvas with painted sides in case customer would prefer not to frame.


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