Ender Dragons 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Paintings

Thanks to Darkonator https://drawinghub.com/tut/how-to-draw-ender-dragon-19583 , I was able to learn how to draw an ender dragon from Mine Craft.  I painted her twice yesterday and once today.  The reason was because I had my first teaching lesson today with an 8 year old named Kaeleigh.  She wanted to paint the ender dragon.  I was told the ender dragon is a “she” because she does something with eggs, and girls lay eggs.  For the life of me I can’t remember exactly where eggs come into play and what she does with them, but they do and that is what matters.  We had lots of fun.  I learned much about video games and Taylor Swift.  This week was a gauge to kinda see where we are.  Next week we will start something more traditional like fun spheres and fun boxes. 

Ranunculus in Vase 14 X 18 Inch Still Life Acrylic

I am infatuated with ranunculus right now. They come in so many different colors and I love their full sets of petals.  They remind me of a cross between a poppy and a rose.  Anyway, I seem to be stuck painting them for at least a little while.  Here is one attempt of red ranunculus living in a blue vase on a green table against a yellow background.  

12 X 16 Inch Acrylic Painting Crow and Poker Chip

This is a 12 X 16 inch varnished acrylic painting of a crow and poker chip that I painted for my brother in law’s business office. The poker chip once served as the business card for Groundhog Excavating Inc.  so I thought I would give Groundhog a bit of nostalgia.  He liked it!…and so does the crow.

Proud Rooster 16 X 20 Acrylic Painting

This is a 16 X 20 acrylic painting of a proud rooster I painted for my brother in law.  He needed a gift and wanted a rooster since the person he was giving it to loves them.  I used both palette knife and brush.  The palette knife work was done by adding paint to a heavy body gel.

12 x 16 Inch Acrylic Pear in Martini Glass with Olives

I painted a picture in oils of a pear in a martini glass with olives several months ago.  I am keeping it so I decided to try it again in acrylic to hopefully not keep.

Below is the version 1 done in oils.  

12 X 16 inch Acrylic Sunflower Still Life: Sunflowers and Grapes, Circles, Rectangles and Triangles

This is a 12 X 16 inch still life of sunflowers and grapes in an orange vase.  One of these guys is trying really hard to reach those grapes.  This painting will be included in my collection painted for the Mountainair Sunflower Festival.

12 X 16 Acrylic Echinacea Still Life

This is a 12 X 16 inch acrylic painting of echinacea and as usual the table is a mess.  Everyone seems to be happy enough here except for the two hanging over the vase that think it is nap time and the sleeper on the table.  Hanging out with a bunch of folks in a crowded room would make me tired too!  

This is the first painting in acrylics that I have done where I felt somewhat confident with the heavy body paint.