Vase of White Daisies in Cerulean and Orange 12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting

This vase of daisies is vibrant.  I am loving the brush and knife strokes and the colors.  I have decided that I need to use more cerulean blue.  Beautiful blue!

Floral Abstraction 18 x 24 Inch Acrylic Red and Teal

I really love this floral abstraction.  I was planning a project to do in the next couple of weeks and was experimenting with gesso.  I’m thinking I am pleased!  I love the colors.  Aqua and Red are so pretty together.  The blues in this painting are more aqua or teal than what appears in the picture…and a bit more vivid.  I think all of the colors are more vivid in real life actually.  Picture this painting, only better. 

Close up

Update:  Green Dragon 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Painting

Getting ready to paint with kids tomorrow.  The request this week was for a raven with wings of fire or a dragon.  These kids have tall orders!  Since I have painted a dragon before, I thought I would stick with something I didn’t have to learn from scratch.  Like wings of fire.  My go-to site for kids dragon art is Darkonator.  If you need a cute dragon step by step, I love Darkonator.  I went ahead and traced a dragon and then used that as my template to trace onto canvas.  I did the dragon outlines in black acrylic paint for the kids beforehand so they could get right to painting from the start.  I hope we finish!

July 19, 2017
Update:   Here are the paintings from today.  Rylan is visiting and won’t be able to work more on his dragon with me, but he says he is finished and likes the white with the blue.  Kaeleigh will finish hers next week.  She will add her black outlines back and work on smoke coming out his nose!   We also need to finish his eye.  I think both Kaeleigh and Rylan did a great job and I can’t wait to see what Kaeleigh’s looks like when she is finished.

July 26, 2017 final dragon

Roses Still Life 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint “canned” tomatoes or flowers.  If I was going to paint flowers, what kind?  I went back and forth between tomatoes and roses and finally decided on the roses…in a can (sort of).  This is my final version of a 16 x 20 inch oil painting of red roses done with painting knives.