Art with 8 year olds: Abstract day!

This is a 16 x 20 abstract that Kaeleigh painted today during our art lesson.  Two weeks ago, I had Kaeleigh coat her canvas,with some good blops of gesso and then had her take the palette knife and make designs in the gesso while it was still wet.  That gave the canvas a really interesting textured base to do our abstract.  Today we mixed phthalo blue and raw umber for the base coat (thinned it with acrylic glazing medium).  Next, she decided red was her color and we mixed three different reds which she applied with a knife and smoothed in a few places with her fingers.  She took a sponge to some areas and threw in some brush strokes.  Next, we did the same with the greens we mixed and finished the knife work with a few shades of blue.  The best and most fun part were the paint splatters.  We took the painting outside and I showed Kaeleigh how to throw paint onto the canvas using the two paint brush method where you tap one brush against the other to get splatter and then the single paint brush sling method.  She missed the canvas and got my face with her first single brush sling.  Yellow.  She got herself every single time when she used purple with the double brush tap.  Anyway, I think Kaeleigh painted herself a great little abstract.  I helped her with a few strokes with the knife as I showed her how to use them, but this painting is 98% Kaeleigh.  Awesome!

Floral Abstraction 18 x 24 Inch Acrylic Red and Teal

I really love this floral abstraction.  I was planning a project to do in the next couple of weeks and was experimenting with gesso.  I’m thinking I am pleased!  I love the colors.  Aqua and Red are so pretty together.  The blues in this painting are more aqua or teal than what appears in the picture…and a bit more vivid.  I think all of the colors are more vivid in real life actually.  Picture this painting, only better. 

Close up

Update:  Green Dragon 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Painting

Getting ready to paint with kids tomorrow.  The request this week was for a raven with wings of fire or a dragon.  These kids have tall orders!  Since I have painted a dragon before, I thought I would stick with something I didn’t have to learn from scratch.  Like wings of fire.  My go-to site for kids dragon art is Darkonator.  If you need a cute dragon step by step, I love Darkonator.  I went ahead and traced a dragon and then used that as my template to trace onto canvas.  I did the dragon outlines in black acrylic paint for the kids beforehand so they could get right to painting from the start.  I hope we finish!

July 19, 2017
Update:   Here are the paintings from today.  Rylan is visiting and won’t be able to work more on his dragon with me, but he says he is finished and likes the white with the blue.  Kaeleigh will finish hers next week.  She will add her black outlines back and work on smoke coming out his nose!   We also need to finish his eye.  I think both Kaeleigh and Rylan did a great job and I can’t wait to see what Kaeleigh’s looks like when she is finished.

July 26, 2017 final dragon

Beach Project Mixed Media Acrylic 16 x 20 Inch Canvas Art

What a day!  I want to give a shout out to the Art Sherpa #lovesummerart.  Thank you Cinnamon.  You are such a good teacher.  You helped me out with a beach scene for Kaeleigh’s new bathroom!  I appreciate your website and your how-to step-by-step videos.  It came out quite lovely!  Fun fun fun!

Kaeleigh and I worked hard and I think it paid off.  We came out with two very cute beach scenes.  Kaeleigh has a brand new original 16 x 20 inch painting for her bathroom just like she wanted.  The best part is she did it herself and it is lovely! I didn’t burn my fingers too bad with the glue gun so that is just another thing I’m pretty stoked about.  

Art Project Beach and Shells 14 x 18 Inch Mixed Media Acrylic 

This is a 14 x 18 inch acrylic painting of a beach littered with shells and sea glass.  Today I will be painting with Kaeleigh.  If you have never painted with kids, you should.  They make you think differently plus kids are funny!  She wants a beach scene to hang in her bathroom and I told her I would find us something and practice so I can teach her how to do it.  I worked on this yesterday with the help of the Art Sherpa (how to video on YouTube), a hot glue gun and some old shells, sea glass and pearls I had lying around.  I painted this using a sponge, brushes and palette knives.  I think it is gonna be a fun day! #lovesummerart