Challenge 14: Hollyhocks

Let's Paint New Mexico!

hollyhocks Dee Sanchez “A LITTLE MAGIC” 10×8″ oil, unframed $150 Web:                              Email:

c-14 Betty halpern Betty Halpern SOLD!

c-14 dawn lomako Dawn Lomako Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks with a ViewHollyhocks with a View John french 16X20 $500 This painting is a combined inspiration from Challenges 13 &14

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Creeper Gonna Creep

I have been painting with Kaeleigh.  We paint for a few hours once a week.  Kaeleigh is 8 and has an active imagination which makes for a fun paint day.  Today, we painted the Creeper from Minecraft.  I think our paintings came out great.  She gave me an assignment for next week I have to look up.  Gas something or other.  Another Minecraft character.  She also mentioned Ender Man.  I have no idea if that is one word or not.  Good thing I got the Googler.

Small Business Needs Your Help!!!  Corporate Bullies in the Global School Yard Affect Local Small Business

I really love doughnuts and this is a friend of mine from my pharmacist days so it hits a bit closer to home.  Claudia and her family have worked very hard to make this bakery happen.  Any support would be greatly appreciated.  Please share on your blogs, Facebook, twitter…and if you can, donate on Go Fund Me at the link below.

Doughboys Name Change

We are a local start up bakery that opened on January 2,2017 in our great city of Albuquerque. We chose the name Doughboys Bake Shoppe after my fathers nickname that was given to him many years ago when he owned his own bakery in Socorro, NM. Shortly after opening we were contacted by General Mills. They stated that we were infringing on their “Pillsbury Doughboy” character and would need to change our name. As a new business we do not have the means to fight the claim so we have agreed to change our name to avoid any legal action. As you can imagine this will not be a cheap transition. We will need to change signage, shirts, merchandise, packaging etc. We are asking our community for some help so that we may continue to make the most delicious donuts, cakes, pastries etc for our amazing city of Albuquerque. Any amount helps and we can not thank you enough for all the support that has been given to us from our community.  
Thank you for supporting local business and keeping our city unique and awesome!

Chem Trails and Cactus 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This 16 x 20 inch palette knife oil painting was inspired by a camping trip to Sumner Lake.  While we fished, I watched the skies as they filled with trails of who knows what.  There were lots of cactus.  My dog, Petey, seemed to find all of them.  We spent some time pulling cactus quills out of his feet.  The cactus were not in bloom quite yet but I needed something to represent danger.  My brother in law suggested drops of blood on the quills.  Blood isn’t really my style.  Red flowers however, are.

Ender Dragons 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Paintings

Thanks to Darkonator , I was able to learn how to draw an ender dragon from Mine Craft.  I painted her twice yesterday and once today.  The reason was because I had my first teaching lesson today with an 8 year old named Kaeleigh.  She wanted to paint the ender dragon.  I was told the ender dragon is a “she” because she does something with eggs, and girls lay eggs.  For the life of me I can’t remember exactly where eggs come into play and what she does with them, but they do and that is what matters.  We had lots of fun.  I learned much about video games and Taylor Swift.  This week was a gauge to kinda see where we are.  Next week we will start something more traditional like fun spheres and fun boxes. 

Big Bummers and Making Lemonade 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

I broke my right hand.  Big bummer!  This is my first one handed, left hand painting.  I have not figured out how to mix my own colors with one hand yet so tube colors will have to do for today.  Must remedy that situation.  11 x14 inch oil.  I’m not sure how much I will be painting during this time, but today I made lemonade.