Sunflowers and Hollyhocks 14 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

I love this painting.  The colors are vibrant, the brush strokes are pretty and the subject is my favorite.  


Purple Iris 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting on Canvas Panel

I have been on an iris kick apparently.  I keep painting what is basically the same iris.  It started with a photo from a painting group I am in and I think I have painted it four or five times.  I’ve used paint brushes and palette knives and mixtures of both so they are all a little different.  I am enjoying experimenting with purples and blues. Anyhow, here is another iris!

Jemez Iris #2, 12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting

This Iris was painted for Challenge #7, Let’s Paint New Mexico.  The photograph that inspired my iris painting was taken in Jemez, New Mexico.  I am loving the purples.

Two Sunflowers 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

This painting was inspired by Nancy Medina.  I get access to a lesson every month for a year from her.  I am really enjoying it so far.  She is a serious flower lover.  Of course I was excited that the first one was sunflowers, but lesson two was peonies and those are pretty fun.  When I get the hang of those, I hope to post some!