12 X 16 Inch Acrylic Painting Crow and Poker Chip

This is a 12 X 16 inch varnished acrylic painting of a crow and poker chip that I painted for my brother in law’s business office. The poker chip once served as the business card for Groundhog Excavating Inc.  so I thought I would give Groundhog a bit of nostalgia.  He liked it!…and so does the crow.


Proud Rooster 16 X 20 Acrylic Painting

This is a 16 X 20 acrylic painting of a proud rooster I painted for my brother in law.  He needed a gift and wanted a rooster since the person he was giving it to loves them.  I used both palette knife and brush.  The palette knife work was done by adding paint to a heavy body gel.

View from the Coop 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of one of my hens.  Her name is Gracie and in this painting, she is checking out the landscape from inside the coop.  Gracie would not be seeing the sky in real life from inside the coop.  She would be staring at my house.


Owl Oil Painting, Wise Old Owl, Blue Owl


Blue Owl Painting (Who?), Original Owl Oil Painting, Home Decor, Art, Bird of Prey

This is a 16×20″ oil painting of a blue owl.

I love owls. They are beautiful creatures. However, I worry about owls as well because I raise back yard chickens. When I think about owls in the real world,  I think of nocturnal creatures that inhabit ruins with huge red eyes. I think of hunters. People describe red eyes peering out of the darkness and think of monsters…but in my painting world, the owl is is cute, fluffy bird with great hair.

3/4″ solid wood frame, natural cotton duck canvas

Painted sides

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Raven Oil Painting, He’s a Sassy Bird

This is a 14 X 18 painting done on commission of a raven.  He’s quite sassy and his eyes seem to be smiling.  It reminds me of when my dogs get into something they shouldn’t and look at me like…what?  I didn’t do it.

I don’t know who lost their beads, but Mr. Sassy has them now and he broke them!





Rooster in Pajamas Oil Pianting

This is a 12 X 12 rooster wearing pajamas that I painted for an elephant gift.  I have a thing for roosters.  I think they are lovely…but they get mean and crowing bugs neighbors for some reason.  I personally love to hear roosters crow…all day long!  I needed two gifts but uh…I sold one of them the night before my Christmas party.  I decided to keep the rooster for myself and painted a few owls in acrylic because I needed something dry by the time the party started.  This little guy is in my kitchen hanging with an old farm truck I painted with the Art Sherpa.

12×12 Art Sherpa Old Farm Truck

Crow Oil Painting, “Decisions”

This is an 11×14 inch painting of a crow I titled “Decisions”.  Most of this painting is done in varying shades of black and white on top of an orange under painting to bring out the color of the trinket in the crows mouth and the little red marble or bead…observers choice.  I picture him looking around and guarding his marble.  He can’t decide which he wants, the trinket or the marble.  His beak can only hold one.  Maybe he is waiting for a buddy to come get the marble?

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