Sunflowers and a Turquoise Door 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

I think I would like to paint sunflowers more.  I have tried to stay away to expand my flower horizons but I have missed them!  I painted this painting for Let’s Paint New Mexico Challenge #19.


13 thoughts on “Sunflowers and a Turquoise Door 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

    1. Oh. I wanted to let you know about baby oil. You would use it to store your brushes like you do your walnut oil. I do squiqqle around my brushes first in turpenoid, then put in a jar with baby oil (with a plastic scrubbie on the bottom of the jar). Cheaper alternative to walnut? Loved the walnut oil technique but switched to baby oil cuz works well as far as I can tell and price. Suggested by Nancy Medina, except she actually cleans her brushes with it and puts them away every day. If you try, tell me what you think. I make sure to get as much baby oil out of brush before I paint as I can.

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      1. I’ve heard of people using baby oil before. I’m allergic to it though so it’s as bad as turps for me. Regardless, I would hesitate to use it with painting because it’s a non-drying oil. So if any little bit of it gets onto your painting that little bit won’t ever dry. I’d say it’s fine to use as long as you very thoroughly clean your brushes with soapy water afterward like Nancy Medina. My walnut oil lasts for a very long time. I let the sediment settle and pour off the cleared oil just like you would with solvents. I roughly only use one small bottle a year and I’d use less if I hadn’t spilled it twice. So that’s only $12 a year… pretty affordable.


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