Pink Hollyhock 11 x 14 Inch Painting

I am itchin’ for summer and miss see 8ng hollyhock blooms.  Thought I would paint some.  


19 thoughts on “Pink Hollyhock 11 x 14 Inch Painting

    1. Thank you John. Them painting lessons have really helped with that, plus changed paint brushes to a softer kind since I started using medium again. Plus, these lessons are teaching me how to take advantage of transparent colors which is excellent for the color palette I use. I’m on my second lesson, but just tips and tricks are amazing in the change they can make. I might also be starting to see things better and loosening up. I hadn’t for a long time cuz I lost my taste and thought it might be the turpenoid…it was. So now, just wearing gloves and making sure ventilation is good and hoping for the best.


    2. Oh, that sentence is confusing…I am using medium again but hadn’t for a long time because I lost my taste…had nothing to do with why I wasn’t painting. Good grief Dawn!

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        1. I did loose my taste. It was so weird, and the things I could taste were overwhelming, like sour or bitter. Not chile. Nope. My buds are tolerant to that. 😂


        2. Turpenoid is petroleum product, turpentine is a wood product.

          Well, for about a year and 1/2 I was using nothing, right now I am using turpenoid again but wearing gloves and just trying to be more careful.


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