11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Pumice Gel Painting Blue and Black

I bought myself a few different gel mediums for acrylic paint.  Yesterday, I experimented with the course pumice gel medium by Golden.  That is some pretty cool stuff.  


12 thoughts on “11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Pumice Gel Painting Blue and Black

    1. Well Miss Cindy. It goes a little like this. Teaching kids makes you do crazy stuff. The kid I teach weekly wants loves abstracts because she thinks you don’t have to think so much. I told her you do have to think…you just think differently. She wants to learn how to do abstracts and so do I so we are going to experiment and see how we do. I got some mo,ding gel and pumice gel and crackle paste etc. who knows what will happen! We did snowmen the last few weeks. Friday, I got a gift in the mail. Kaeleigh painted me an abstract for Christmas ON HER OWN TIME and she painted her mom a Santa Clause in the snow ON HER OWN TIME. Basically, I am feeling inspired I suppose.

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