Bright Floral Abstraction 12x 36 Inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

This is a 12x 36 inch floral abstraction that I painted for my sister’s birthday.  I still need to varnish it.  It is going to go great in her entry way by her turquoise bench.  


16 thoughts on “Bright Floral Abstraction 12x 36 Inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

    1. Aww, thank you Cindy. I have been really bad about posting them. Went through some hectic time and just haven’t caught up! I’m glad you missed them though. That is a nice compliment Cindy.

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    1. Thank you Fritz. I really like the color combination. Real life is so much more vibrant than the pic. The red is really pretty vibrant orange and the blues are turquoise. I could not get the camera to pic up the colors right, but the post is pretty close, just kinda dulled down a bit.

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    1. Thank you Tierney. I’ve already shown her. She has so many of my paintings, we are now in the process of getting rid of the earlier ones and replacing as I paint ones she likes. I told her when I first started painting. Do not frame these because I will get better and you will be replacing over time….but she goes and frames things. Well, now….she is seeing why I told her not to do that. She has all these frames without the right size painting to go in. Nice frames too…so I guess I have to fill those up eventually.

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