Red Iris 14 x 18 Inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

I love the reds in this Iris painting.  I think the blues are pretty kickin’ as well…and the greens!  I also love the texture.  I think I am just overall pleased with this painting.  Maybe I am starting to get the hang of my experimental color palette.  This one is a CMY plus white.  


29 thoughts on “Red Iris 14 x 18 Inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

    1. Thank you Amber. I use a warm and cool of each primary plus a few Earth tones and white but really wanted to see what kind of colors I could get with a really limited palette of 3 colors plus white…I have beenpleasantl6 surprised, but it has been a learning curve. Ain’t n9 way I am giving up my other colors, but I am a color enthusiast so I thought what the heck…let’s see what magenta can do. 8 alread6 used lots of phthalate blue and cad yellow…so not too big of a jump. But I am still tweaking my mixing. Greens could be better and they are getting better…

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    2. Oh…and Amber, phthalo blue with primary magenta or quinacridone…whatever one might use (can’t be a hue with others colors in it or it does not work)…anyway, the purple sand violets are amazing. The CMY palette give an awesome range of cool tones.


      1. It sounds like a fun experiment. I have all of the colors except phthalo blue. I have a phthalo green I can’t stand using so I never tried the blue. Autocorrect is a beast, but I understood what you were saying. I did wonder about the numbers though.

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        1. I do, and I mainly use it for skies. Maybe I have a cheap brand or something, but I don’t like the mixes it makes. French Ultramarine and Prussian blue are my go to mixing blues.

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        2. I never thought of it as weak, but if you’re comparing it to a pthalo, then it would be weak. The strong intensity of the pthalo green is the reason I don’t like it though. Even used in microscopic amounts, it always overpowers and creates a completely unnatural weird color.

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        3. I think the last seven or eight paintings or so I have used this palette….the paintings range from very CMYK printer color looking to these deep reds. As I get better mixing, I’m finding serious versatility.

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    3. Sorry…me again. Basically, if I was in a position where I could only take four tubes of paint…CMY plus white would be the palette I would take because it is quite versatile.

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        1. When I did my first place in air painting a few years ago, i had my standard palette with me…looking back, four colors would have been much easier to deal with.

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        2. I have no intention of limiting myself permanently…no way…no reason to. How sad would I be if I could never use cad red again. And even though it is my least favorite blue…I would miss UM blue too.


        3. Agreed, no reason to limit permanently. I would definitely miss the cadmiums and I would really miss my shortcut purple because I get really sick of mixing purples for every painting.

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