Sunflower Garden 20 by 30 Inch Oil Painting

Playing with painting knives and canvas that is too fat for my easel.  I do love sunflowers.


21 thoughts on “Sunflower Garden 20 by 30 Inch Oil Painting

        1. So in this painting, I used magenta as my primary red and phthalo blue as my primary blue (to represent cyan) and then cad yellow light. Oh, and white. It WAS a CYM painting until the very end. I can not get used to the greens that this method makes. I had to stray and mix my own greens. I love using primary magenta because it makes nice reds, oranges, purples…but I dislike the olives I get with it. Will check out your blog!

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        2. Thank you so much, imust admit i believe you have several rather nice painitngs in your blog, i have been blogging for about a month, still finding my way about the way it all needs setting out.

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        3. Very strange. I get a drop down menu and it says archives…go to archives and it sends me to hello world. Something is up! The menu comes up, and there are even different menu areas that include archives, but if you click on anything it takes you back to hello world.


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