Simba 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Kids Art

Today, Kaeleigh wanted to paint Simba for her show and tell/talent show tomorrow.  She will be playing the drums and showing her Simba painting.  She painted Simba for her friend, Elise.  I found a really nice tutorial here:  First, we used watercolor pencil to draw Simba on our respective canvas following the instructions in the tutorial.  Kaeleigh was a little worried because of all the extra marks, but she was excited to see that those extra sketch marks could be removed with water.  I think she liked her new little trick.  Then, we painted him with acrylic paints, finishing up with a thin glaze of yellow over the entire painting.  She did a really nice job.  Her friend is gonna love it!  


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        1. I am so thankful for on line tutorials and the people who post their stuff and ideas. There are some really kid friendly drawings out there that look so,awesome when they are done. What I loved about this one is it doesn’t have a lot of detail and is big. It allowed Kaeleigh to practice circles and half circles. Watercolor pencils are awesome for this step. When she gets older, she won’t need the pencils and will be able to sketch with her paint. This is a nice step forward though because that last animal painting we did, I traced the dragon for her and did the acrylic outline and she painted. She was really really concerned but as she progressed through each step, she saw how detail is filled in last after basic shapes and I think that encouraged her…after I let her erase the extra marks that is. Because there was little detail, few colors, and the head is big, Kaeleigh could practice using bigger paint brushes and mixing her own colors. To get rid of the problem of covering all the “white” on the canvas, which is an issue at this age and stage, I had her mix a transparent yellow with glazing liquid and coat her entire painting after her face was filled in. Because she wanted a yellow background, we didn’t paint the background separately. The glaze took care of that. It unifies the painting and yellow glazed nicely over the colors already in Simba.

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