Challenge 19: The Market

Mine is the oil painting…

Let's Paint New Mexico!

Challenge 19: The Market


This is an image of a local grower’s market, loaded with possibilities!

c-19 gale kaufman flower girl The Flower Girl Gale Kaufman 7″x9″ WSO on canvas board.

c-19 dawn lomako flower market “The Market” Dawn Lomako 16 x 20 Inch Oil on Canvas $320.00

c-19 david craig admiring a pooch DAVID CRAIG ADMIRING A POOCH 11 X 14 w Oil on stretched canvas NFS

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4 thoughts on “Challenge 19: The Market

    1. Mine is just the closeup with the big vase of flowers. This is from a painting group with all of the paintings from the challenge posted together. 😀


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