Warm Tulips Still Life 16 x 20 Oil Painting 

I was looking at pictures of paintings I have thrown away.  Kicking myself.


16 thoughts on “Warm Tulips Still Life 16 x 20 Oil Painting 

    1. I think what strikes me is how moods effect how we see things…strongly! If it can make someone throw away a nice painting, imagine how moods color other things in life.

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  1. Never purge while in a mood….never ever! love this painting, at least you have a photo of it. I have paintings that I have brought out recently that I hated back then and now I love them! So I have been through that. I purge when I am in a very good mood. 😉

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  2. You know, I painted this when I was in a bad mood and the mood stuck around for a few days and I absolutely hated this painting at the time. If I would have waited a few days, I think I would have loved it and hung it up. My husband made me promise not to purge when moody. We have this thing where I am not supposed to destroy or toss without a second opinion. I did anyway…He says I have no insight into my own art. Usually I just give Paintings away to family rather than toss. I can’t believe I hated it! Amazing how emotion and mood affect how we see things.

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