Art with 8 year olds: Abstract day!

This is a 16 x 20 abstract that Kaeleigh painted today during our art lesson.  Two weeks ago, I had Kaeleigh coat her canvas,with some good blops of gesso and then had her take the palette knife and make designs in the gesso while it was still wet.  That gave the canvas a really interesting textured base to do our abstract.  Today we mixed phthalo blue and raw umber for the base coat (thinned it with acrylic glazing medium).  Next, she decided red was her color and we mixed three different reds which she applied with a knife and smoothed in a few places with her fingers.  She took a sponge to some areas and threw in some brush strokes.  Next, we did the same with the greens we mixed and finished the knife work with a few shades of blue.  The best and most fun part were the paint splatters.  We took the painting outside and I showed Kaeleigh how to throw paint onto the canvas using the two paint brush method where you tap one brush against the other to get splatter and then the single paint brush sling method.  She missed the canvas and got my face with her first single brush sling.  Yellow.  She got herself every single time when she used purple with the double brush tap.  Anyway, I think Kaeleigh painted herself a great little abstract.  I helped her with a few strokes with the knife as I showed her how to use them, but this painting is 98% Kaeleigh.  Awesome!


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    1. Lol. Sure! I put some vague instructions up there. Sooooo easy. I’m going to start teaching art for Kaeleigh’s school class once a month (volunteer but still excited) so I am happy about that. 20 kids! Got some donations from a few people for supplies that will cover everything I need supply wise for the year. Yay. I don’t think we will be using much canvas and gesso though. But, who knows, maybe we will do one.


    1. Lolol. That’s what I told her. It’s a Pollack imposter. She just looked at me funny. Then I had to tell her who Pollack was and she just kinda said….oh.


    1. She did great didn’t she? There were so many fun tools to use and this is a really simple painting for anyone to do that makes a big impact. We were both a mess after, I am still finding yellow paint in my hair and apparently she went to her dentist appointment covered in purple paint. She also painted a few rocks yellow while we were outside so I will come up with a rock project at some point. I think I am going to plan another painting in this technique in different colors. We did complementary this time…all of them! Maybe we will do analogous next time.

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