Roses Still Life 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint “canned” tomatoes or flowers.  If I was going to paint flowers, what kind?  I went back and forth between tomatoes and roses and finally decided on the roses…in a can (sort of).  This is my final version of a 16 x 20 inch oil painting of red roses done with painting knives.


13 thoughts on “Roses Still Life 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

    1. Thank you John. That is nice to hear. My husband and I were talking about that not too long ago. I know I have more confidence and am not so concerned with getting things “perfect” so I think I am moving past my newbie stage by a notch or so. Getting looser. Day by day 😀I’m also finding that I can’t change my style, but I can build on it, so I’m just going with it and trying not to stress about it…

      I started the Abiquiu challenge and it was not working for me. I still haven’t figured out how to paint brown and green landscapes in a way that makes me happy (since I need color). I was encouraged when I saw your watercolor and how you did all those beautiful color combinations. I tried something like that but ended up scraping the painting. I’m sure I will try again at some point. Definitely a challenge.

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      1. Yeah, don’t ever ever EVER stress about it. Let it flow, let your spirit fall into the canvas. Let the paint take you places. Never stop!
        I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Abiquiu pic!

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