Sunflower Still Life 18 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

This is a rework of a previous painting.  Originally, the painting was purple with yellow sunflowers.  I changed a few things.  The most obvious being that the vase is now orange.  I personally like it better because I enjoy lots of color.  The orange made my day.  However, my mom, for example prefers the previous version.  To each his own, especially with art.

This is the previous version.  I was working with compliments and kept the painting mainly to purple and yellow.


16 thoughts on “Sunflower Still Life 18 x 18 Inch Oil Painting

  1. Love the change up to orange/red, that purple background rocks! Man, I miss it here on WP. 😦 I need to get back to it but I hate the trouble and time it takes to post. Maybe if I were to do it at least once a week, maybe. lol

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    1. Thanks Margaret. I know what you mean….instagram so easy! I have a really hard time with Instagram though because it is so much stuff all day long.

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      1. oh yes, the feed can be long but I don’t try to keep up with that, follow the people who really puts some zing into your day and narrow it down. I probably should do that, filter through them. But the uploading is so easy, my computer doesn’t like WP. I can do a post from my Kindle but then I have such a small area to type so that slows me down and for some reason the photos’ pixels get all messed up. Anyway, we’ll see, maybe once I am back from the coast, I’ll try to get a post up here.

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        1. How do you filter out without unfollowing? Some people post like 15 times a day! I have a hard enough time checking WordPress! Social media is such a time killer.

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    1. Thank you Shawn. I lived with it a while in my living room and could never quite “like” it. It will go back to its spot when it dries and I can enjoy it now. 😊


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