Sunflowers Soon 24 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

It’s that time again where I anxiously wait for sunflowers to bloom.  It will be different this year.  I had way too many sunflowers for the space and was ready for a little change.  Instead of an abundance of sunflowers, I have lots and lots of holly hock with sporadic sunflowers around the yard.  I’m not sure I will like not having as many this year (I think I won’t), but I don’t think I will mind not having to tear them down at the end of the season.  I have a plan for next year and will get my sunflowers back then.


10 thoughts on “Sunflowers Soon 24 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

    1. The holly hock were absolutely gorgeous. They are on their last blooming legs. The few Sunflowers that I have a starting to bloom. I gotta say, i am a bit sad. I miss morning coffee with the sunflowers. Must remedy. I want both! Tons of holly hock AND tons of sunflower.


    1. It’s looking okay for a land of drought. I’ll have to take pictures and post at some point. Don’t hold your breath though. I’m flighty!

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    1. My yard is done!!!!! I’m gonna do some painting today. I am set up outside in the back yard. Hope the wind stays down. I miss painting.

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