Small Business Needs Your Help!!!  Corporate Bullies in the Global School Yard Affect Local Small Business

I really love doughnuts and this is a friend of mine from my pharmacist days so it hits a bit closer to home.  Claudia and her family have worked very hard to make this bakery happen.  Any support would be greatly appreciated.  Please share on your blogs, Facebook, twitter…and if you can, donate on Go Fund Me at the link below.

Doughboys Name Change

We are a local start up bakery that opened on January 2,2017 in our great city of Albuquerque. We chose the name Doughboys Bake Shoppe after my fathers nickname that was given to him many years ago when he owned his own bakery in Socorro, NM. Shortly after opening we were contacted by General Mills. They stated that we were infringing on their “Pillsbury Doughboy” character and would need to change our name. As a new business we do not have the means to fight the claim so we have agreed to change our name to avoid any legal action. As you can imagine this will not be a cheap transition. We will need to change signage, shirts, merchandise, packaging etc. We are asking our community for some help so that we may continue to make the most delicious donuts, cakes, pastries etc for our amazing city of Albuquerque. Any amount helps and we can not thank you enough for all the support that has been given to us from our community.  
Thank you for supporting local business and keeping our city unique and awesome!


4 thoughts on “Small Business Needs Your Help!!!  Corporate Bullies in the Global School Yard Affect Local Small Business

    1. I am boycotting them also Tierney. They tear up the earth and then tell us it is our fault and want to tax our carbon. They own the water, the land, the sky and everything else they can get their hands on. Sad state of affairs. I asked Claudia if she could just change the spelling….apparently no. General Mills “owns” the word apparently enough to threaten lawsuit over any derivative of the word. Give me a break! Just a bunch of locusts and beasts I say! Btw, if you “like” anything on the GM website, you have just forfeited your right to sue the company should anything happen. It’s in their terms of use apparently. Sick people running this world.

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