Purple Flowers Blue Vase 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

I have painted very little recently but did manage to get this one done.  This is an 11 x 14 inch oil painting done mostly with the painting knife.  I can do that…sort of…with the casted right hand.  I used my left hand when I had to, but tried to keep with my right.  It takes A LOT of focus and brain power to use the left hand and I just wanted to paint and listen to podcasts.  Not bad.


25 thoughts on “Purple Flowers Blue Vase 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

  1. No bad indeed! In fact as much as I love your paintings, this one with the minimalism, it has an Asian feeling to it and I am always intrigued by that look. Love, love that deep maroon red in the shadows…..just the ever so slight flicks of paint for the greenery, again, very Asian! Yay you!!!

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    1. Lololololol. Very kind of you. I was painting and seriously got to the point where I was asking my husband…am I done yet? Can I please be done. This is part of the challenged flipper series…I can call it the minimalist flipper.

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