12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting Pink Flowers

I got my cast today and things are looking up.  I can do some things with my right hand which means I can mix my own colors.  So awesome!  I can also hold a paint brush.  I have to modify and use a lot of my left hand, but I can do this.  This painting was started the day I broke my hand.  I had an undercoat blocked it.  I felt so good after getting my cast today that I thought I could finish it.  I did!!!  This is two handed, left hand, right hand…whatever works to get the paint down, pink flowers in a grey vase.

Here is where I started from:


33 thoughts on “12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting Pink Flowers

    1. Thank you Carrie. Ya, not sure what was up with the purple pink kick that day. Not my usual for sure. It’s a romantic girly painting of some kind of floppy flower. You can decide which one. Giggle. Used left over paint to do a little mini palette knife 4×6 in girly colors too but haven’t posted it cuz I haven’t wanted to mess with taking a picture of it. I finished two more paintings after this one this week, but scraped them off. Not feeling it. Have a new one started but I couldn’t finish it yesterday. Wrist hurt to bad and left hand said…I am done for the day, so I gotta let it dry some before I get back to it which I hate doing (cuz I like single setting painting) but hey…improvise!

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      1. See what the disaster with your right hand and the left hand taking over did….it’s still magic! You are making new color palettes and pushing yourself to play even with the darn cast. That’s definitely more than just improvise….its dancing where you are and loving, feeling it!

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    1. Thank you Amber. Me too! And…I like the idea of being able to use the left hand as well as the right. Softer touch, good for odd angles, looser strokes…

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      1. That’s a good idea maybe I will give left handed painting some practice. I stuck my elbow in yellow ochre yesterday while trying to get at an odd angle. Of course, I didn’t even realize it happened until it was everywhere. When cleaning with walnut oil, I first rub the brush on the mesh to get the bulk of the paint out then squish the bristles on the side of the jar to get at the paint near the ferrule. I hope it works out for you.

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        1. I just practiced on the arm of the couch with a dry brush to get used to the feel of the brush and practiced abcs and some sketching. It’s weird. It makes me slow down and think and have to work things out.

          The walnut oil will work out. Very excited. Life changing even!!!! My husband cleaned my brushes last night and kept saying, this sucks, this is boring…yup. Couldn’t disagree.

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        2. Ugh. Brush cleaning. I can’t believe you talked your husband into doing it for you. I’m pretty sure mine would just throw them out and buy new ones. 😉 Paint can be sneaky. I swear, some days it has a mind of it’s own and not even an apron can protect me. Paint stains on all of your clothes (and innocent bystanders) is a sign of a productive artist.

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        3. My dad had orange all over himself when he came over the other day so I must have gotten paint everywhere on my abstract day. Yellow ochre. Nice choice.


    1. Thank you Diane! My cast is a beautiful shade of purple. I made me a glove out of my husbands sock to keep my cast clean. 😝


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