Examples from Complement Series Red and Green Oil Paintings


23 thoughts on “Examples from Complement Series Red and Green Oil Paintings

        1. Haha! It was going perfectly. The sky, the greenery, the middles of the flowers….then I took a nap and it was all down hill from there. It was literally like I forgot how to paint! So weird! Painting scraped. 😀

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        2. darn! you know that sometimes when you aren’t in the zone, it looks and feels different and making ‘same day’ decisions aren’t good? Darn…..oh well, only you know best. Sometimes I try to make myself wait and put it away for a bit. Onto the next one, right?

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        3. The problem was…and I know this…it is my peeve…but I had put down an initial layer of darker petals. I’m a cold person so I keep the house around 75 or 76. Two hours in my house is enough time for my paint to form a skin which means anything I put down after the skins are formed causes skipping across verses melding of the paint layers…I think I would describe my style as more of a toll painting, single stroke so if I can’t get good strokes the first time, it isn’t going to work. And no, linseed oil does not help. It just makes the paint dry to a different sheen with less texture and looks wrong to me. It doesn’t meld with the under layers and I can see it! I wish I liked doing layered paintings. Would make things easier.

          I learned my lesson. Mid day painting nap is not a good idea for me.

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