Rose Buds for the Kitchen 11 x 14 inch Oil Painting

Out with the old…in with the rose buds.  A bakers dozen!  This is the first painting where I used a painting knife on such a small canvas for more than just the background or blending or larger sweeps.  It was not easy.  I only had  larger knives.  Larger than the flowers so I had to finagle and make due.  After this painting, I took the opportunity to buy me a bunch of knives in lots of shapes and sizes.  The next time should go much smoother.


9 thoughts on “Rose Buds for the Kitchen 11 x 14 inch Oil Painting

    1. Ya know…was looking back at a 6 x 6 of Poppies I did with the same sized knife. I used the entire knife length so the Poppies are much bigger than on this painting. I forgot about that one! So I lied in my post description. It should probably say this is the first time I used a palette knife for smaller flowers on a smaller canvas. Oops!

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        1. The difference in that one is it bigger flowers so I could use the entire knife to sweep even though it was a 6 x 6. In these new ones I had to angle it and only get half strokes…

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