Daisies 18 x 18 inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

This is an 18 x 18 inch palette knife oil painting in warm and cool blues.  It reminds me of denim and beach cottages.  


18 thoughts on “Daisies 18 x 18 inch Oil Painting Palette Knife

  1. I love the different blues together! Whenever I’ve tried using warm and cool blues it’s looked just awful, but you’ve made the colors work perfectly. So, was the entire painting done only with palette knife? I’m trying to get the hang of using a knife to apply paint, and I end up all butter-fingers LOL. It will take a lot of practice, I know. Your paintings are so insipiring!

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    1. Thank you! The pic does not do it justice either. It is more teal/aqua and denim. The pic has more green in the background as opposed to what is really is, which is aqua. It is very very beachy. I like the way aqua or teal goes with warm blues. My sister suggested when it dries a bit to add some lighter petals, so I might do that. Too much paint on it at the time to do it. It just lifted the paint off the canvas when I tried…so maybe layer.

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        1. Well, the paint is really thick, so maybe in about 4 weeks I can try. If it wasn’t so thick I could do it within a week I think….but I don’t think so with this.

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