White Aster 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

This painting took me a full painting scrape before I had something I was happy with.  I learned that if I don’t like what I am doing, scrape it off and start again rather than finishing the painting and trying to make it work.  In my case, I finished the painting and hated it.  I have a thing where I don’t destroy things right away. In this case, I had my mom look at it and got the blessing and encouragement to scrape it off and start again.  I was bummed about the wasted hours but I am glad I scraped it off.  I am happy with the final results of the second try.


10 thoughts on “White Aster 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting

  1. Nice recovery Dawn. Those were not “wasted hours” – they were valuable hours of painting experience – each minute will come back and help you in a myriad ways in each future painting.

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    1. Thank you Shawn. Oh those acrylics. That is unfortunate. Luckily this one in oils was in it’s first 24 hours so scraping took like 30 seconds…and good as a blank canvas!


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