Red and White Flowers in a Blue Vase Oil Painting 18 x 24

This is an 18’x 24’inch still life oil painting of red and white floppy flowers in a blue vase.  


18 thoughts on “Red and White Flowers in a Blue Vase Oil Painting 18 x 24

  1. Wow Dawn, this is a great painting. And huge, isn’t it? I think the balance of color and tone is just right and the larger flowers with the unified red centre is great. I suspect this will sell really quick. Just watch.

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    1. Thanks Fritz! It is definitely big enough. I am not interested right now in any bigger. Canvas really just shoots up in price at this size and my easel won’t hold much bigger…and with the amount of paint I go through…I would be broke!!! If I ever start selling consistently, I might give bigger a try…hmmmm. I hope it sells. Must dry for a few months and then we’ll see what happens. đŸ˜€


    1. Ya know, I went into this one thinking…who cares. And 10 hours later (which is fast for me) I had a cute painting. I think it was the attitude.

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        1. You really do have to shut out the negative voices…mine are mostly inside and it can be quite a battle sometimes. They can crush the spirit.

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        1. Good. Then no name. White and red flowers. Last night my mom asked what kind they were. I said, oh, I don’t know, floppy tulips, Ranunculus, poppies???? Then I decided just red and white ones.

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