Red Daisies Mini Oil Painting 4 x 4 Inches

This is a little 4 x 4 inch oil painting of red daisies.  I am in love with these mini paintings!   They are so cute I just wanna squeeze their little cheeks and put them in my pocket!


13 thoughts on “Red Daisies Mini Oil Painting 4 x 4 Inches

    1. They are just to happy and care free! It is fun Margaret and I don’t have to paint upside down like I do with glasses. So there is that also. Thank you!

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        1. And dance with pure joy…right? that is what truly being an artist is all about….and that joy gets instilled into your paintings and then….hopefully your viewers see that. But….do art for yourself first and with loads of joy! Go do more flowers! 😉

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