White Roses Mini Oil Painting 6 x 6 Inches

This is so cute!!!!


9 thoughts on “White Roses Mini Oil Painting 6 x 6 Inches

    1. It is a lot of fun but I was telling Margaret I need to get me some little brushes so it will be easier for me. It was quite a site watching me mess around with big brushes trying to get only one side of them to hit the canvas. My husband kept hearing oops! It all worked out alright though.

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        1. You sound like my mom. We call her builder Bob. She is creative in a wood and power tools kind of way…but her motto is gotta have the right tools! Makes life easier.

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    1. I ink that is what is so cute …little baby still lifes make me smile!!! I need some smaller brushes though. I only have a few and they are worked and frayed!

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