Olives and Pimentos 18 X 24 Inch Still Life Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 inch oil painting of olives and pimentos.  I do know that olives don’t really grow with pimentos already in them, but in my head, they do!


17 thoughts on “Olives and Pimentos 18 X 24 Inch Still Life Oil Painting

    1. Hehe. I don’t think I could handle an all green still life. I was pretending the red pimentos were the flowers?


  1. We do what we do and that’s perfectly okay! Hell yeah its always okay! đŸ˜€ lol! the intricacy of the painting draw my eyes closer to my monitor. I can only imagine the time you spent on this. Clap! Clap! Clap! Plus flicking your magic wand for those luscious texture! Goodness, you ARE ALLOWED to make what you want to do and you do it with flair! Woot!

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    1. Giggle. Funny story. My mom will kill me but here it goes. Ns he had a pond and it had tadpoles. One day all the tadpoles were gone. She didn’t know where her tadpoles went. She didn’t even think about them tadpoles turning into frogs. I laughed and laughed and then bought her a frog for the pond that croaks when it senses motion as a joke and reminded her that tadpoles turn to frogs.

      Anyway, when I showed her my painting..she giggled and said…you do know they (olives) don’t grow with the pimentos in them right? I said yes, but my still life needs color like flowers!!! So in my head, they do!

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        1. Depending on the size, it usually takes 10 to 20 hours to complete a painting. I won’t do anything that takes more than that and I try to complete it in one sitting. Sometimes however, I have to go to bed and just finish in the morning which is hard for me because the paint on the canvas isn’t quite as workable as it was after an 8 hour sleeping break.

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