Red Sunflowers Green Vase Painting 12 X 16 Inch Acrylic

This is a 12 X 16 inch acrylic painting of red sunflowers in a green vase.  I like the complimentary colors of the red sunflowers in the green vase.  At the same time,  I like the way the purple table, blue background and green vase flow together and almost stand down to let the red pop.


25 thoughts on “Red Sunflowers Green Vase Painting 12 X 16 Inch Acrylic

  1. I really, enjoy how gifted you are with Textures! whether brush or knife – background or foreground….. each painting I’ve seen so far, echoes with your love of texture.
    love your color choices you make as well with your paintings, as they all sing 🙂 Very expressive. and they communicate to the viewer. awesome!

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  2. Each painting is such a treat to view! That background – gasp – I love the texture to the wall. I love the composition with the fallen flowers and petals. and the purple table – I love how you are not afraid of rich bold color!

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    1. Thank you Tierny. Funny thing about my hatch mark walls. My mom hates them. Lolololololol. Different strokes for different folks! I am glad you like them. I would get bored if there were no color. Seriously. I would not paint. Nope. There would be no point for me.


      1. So…since I have had a computer update (big one) all my go to sites have required me to sign in and I can’t seem to find my password, I have requested that I receive an email but I haven’t gotten it back. I can’t even remember my user name! pathetic I know….Psalm37? lol do you remember? laugh if you need to. Anyway, I was able to read what you wrote because I saw it in an email just can’t get to the site as of yet. I’ll do as asked and hopefully I’ll be able to get back into etsy. Do you have a deadline on my response?

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