White Coneflower Painting Acrylic Still Life 18 X 18 Inch

This is an acrylic painting of white coneflower (white echinacea) in a bright red vase.  I really like the vase and the color combination with the red vase on the green table against the green blue background.  I think it makes the white flowers more interesting.


17 thoughts on “White Coneflower Painting Acrylic Still Life 18 X 18 Inch

    1. Thank you Margaret. That preciseness is just part of me and I can’t shake it so I gotta find other ways to loosen up what I paint. I think that is why texture is so important to me and maybe the in your face colors also (acrylics just don’t give me what I need in the texture area) but yes, I want precise, but something that also looks “not perfect” as you pointed out. I think the word that comes to my mind is comfortable? That seems to be a description that comes up quite a bit when people visit my home. Comfortable. The other question I get is how did you get so many colors in here and still have it look good? Lololol. I say…good luck I guess. It is not for everyone, but I sure like it!

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      1. Yes…..comfortable but a confidence that that preciseness…..I even wonder if I used the right word. I am thinking orderly, here I am….take it or leave it! You know what you’re about…..yes, I got that from how you put together your paintings. lol

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        1. Orderly…yes, that is another good word. I am keeping all these descriptive words in my mind bank for when have to describe my work. 😀


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