Jack Russell Terrier Tribute 11 X 14 inch Impasto Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting I did as a gift in memory of Hoss, the Jack Russell.  This painting has so much paint on it, I have no idea when it will be dry enough to hand off to the recipient.  Soon I hope.  


24 thoughts on “Jack Russell Terrier Tribute 11 X 14 inch Impasto Oil Painting

  1. Beautiful painting, lots of soul in those eyes. I think the colors you chose are great. We have a Jack Russel and she is like one of the family – they really crawl right into your heart, when they are not busy destroying things.

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    1. Thank you Fritz. I bet that little dog of yours is a handful!

      I am quite fond of terriers, but yup…they can be destructive little boogers. Mine have always straightened up after the terrible twos when it comes to eating my shoes and belts and things…but outdoors…uh no. Dig dig dig, hunting for lizards and mice makes a mess!

      Have you ever seen Best in Show? It is a comedy about dogs shows and pretty darn funny. Anyway, here is a clip of God Loves a Terrier.

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  2. You know I love dogs and I love this painting! For some reason I don’t get notified when you have a new post, so I just have to remember to go out to the WP Reader to check. A new painting by you is always a nice thing to find in my reader!

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    1. Thank you Tierney! I think it is just standard WordPress glitches. I have to keep following people that I never Unfollowed in the first place…and I find comments in my spam so I have to remember to check that periodically.

      I do appreciate you coming here especially since it is on your mind and you take the time to check. That means a lot and is pretty darn cool, so thank you.

      I adore dogs too!

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  3. Wow….Dawn, I love the texture and the color and being impressionistic, not detailed….that is what art is about. I know some people rival artists who can paint so detailed and tight, so much so that it looks “like a photograph”…..yeah, well then take a photo! lol a personal pet peeve of mine. To go impressionistic (loose, whatever) and yet have a wonderful sense of the subject, now that is art. Love this dog, the background rocks. I hope the recipient is happy because I love it. 🙂 It is so you!

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    1. Thank you so much Margaret. I love hearing that my art is pleasing! Some people are absolutely amazing realists and hyper realists. I can’t even imagine the time spent on those amazing pieces of work. I however can’t paint from a photo (and make it look realistic) to save my life. I have tried, but I just can’t paint what my eyes see. I can only represent.

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      1. lol….I could probably, kind of but what’s the freaking point? then you might as well get your camera! imho If I hear the expression “It looks just like a photo!” one more time, I will go ballistic! oh, by the way you are welcomed, I’ll calm the heck down 😉


        1. I do not. The last few acrylic paintings I have done using the heavy body acrylics, I have just used the glazing liquid and added it every time I put out a pile of paint and as needed. I should read about those. Wonder how they keep them open?

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        2. http://willkempartschool.com/golden-heavy-body-vs-open-acrylics-paints-review-which-is-best/


          So should you rush out and buy OPEN acrylics? It depends, I think the labelling is a bit misleading, they should have called them:

          Golden glazing paints for thin layers and fine detail

          Because, essentially, this is what they are best for.

          If you use standard acrylics for 90% of your painting, this leaves you free to apply thick impasto and painterly brush marks, then use the OPEN acrylics for the final 10% you can achieve some lovely results. Especially if you’ve been finding standard acrylics dry too quickly for subtle blending and glazing.

          As they are compatible with regular acrylics it might be a worthy investment to buy a couple of tubes to experiment with and get the feel of them.

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        3. ah! I am not a fine detail person, it drives me batty! I’ll have to really look at this whole thing….hmm….I don’t think that I’ll be painting en plein air with acrylics in the summer anyway, I rather have the thicker body paint….I’ll have to consider all of this. I don’t want to bother with having the regular and then the open acrylics, I like to try to keep it simple. 😉 thank you!

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