18 X 24 Inch Joyful Sunflower Still Life Heavily Textured Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 inch still life oil painting of a blue vase of yellow sunflowers.  This painting is warmly toned, heavily textured and very touchable.  

There are five sunflowers in this vase, and one fallen down.  He is held up by the blue table safe from the ground.


15 thoughts on “18 X 24 Inch Joyful Sunflower Still Life Heavily Textured Oil Painting

    1. Thank you. Great eye for color Fritz! It is French ultramarine and cobalt 1:1 to get rid of the transparency of the French ultramarine! Nice eye! No phthalo in this one.


    1. I cut this sunflower the other day and he had a face like oh! The kind I like to paint. Anyway, I put him in a little vase and watched him throughout the day as his middle flowers opened up. As they opened up, his face changed. It was so cool. Did you know sunflowers are made up of lots of little flowers…which is what I watched open? Such is the life of the sunflower and now there is pollen all over my table.

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      1. What a wonderful site to see in your table. Though pollen often cause allergies but I think you already know that by now. Sunflowers are really great! Always happy, always with hope, always brightens.

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        1. Yes ma’am! Luckily, I don’t seem to be allergic to sunflowers….Juniper however is a different story. So fun to watch that flower change day by day. Yes, sunflowers are happy, loyal, joyful…love them!

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        2. Good for you! I on the other hand get to sneeze non-stop whenever I smell anything that seems to be strong, flowers included. Still I smell them and enjoy their fragrance even when it means sneezing over and over after. Lol!

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