Sunflower Garden Party 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting 

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of a little sunflower garden.  I look at sunflowers and see expressions on their faces.  These sunflowers seem like they are having a intense, strategic conversation in a huddle.  The little one in the bottom left corner wants so badly to play.  Put me in coach!  He is too little and I don’t think the other sunflowers are having it.  Or…maybe it is three kids asking their parents for a sleep over after the garden party…please….please?  

I painted this one for the Mountainair Sunflower Festival at the end of August.


12 thoughts on “Sunflower Garden Party 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting 

    1. Thank you Margaret. My mom sent some some pics of her giant sunflowers yesterday and I was giggling because one of the flowers she sent reminded me of pictures that people take of their dogs up close in their face so that all you see is a snout and a fun house look to the dog. Not was great. Sunflowers have so many different looks.

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        1. Last year, you couldn’t get through my sidewalks without being wacked in the face by sunflowers. My husband told me I needed to thin the herd…so I said okay, I will let the chickens out in the spring and they can do that….well, they really love sunflowers…seeds, flowers, leaves, stems….and they ate most of my seedlings because I forgot they were out there!!!! So I have few sunflowers this year and the holly hock have taken over, so I will have to start working on holly hock paintings. I will be on good chicken watch next spring.

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        2. I Can’t remember not liking sunflowers even as a kid. I used to draw sunflowers as a kid and other flowers too. Imaginary flowers. Yellow isn’t even my favorite color so that is weird.

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    1. I am! But I think yesterday’s was my last for the festival anyway in oils because of dry time. I may do some on acrylics, but I think I have plenty to take and I got camping to do in a few days. Thank you!

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