Critiques Jasmine with Peach and Appleblossoms with Apple

I was really happy with these critiques from Daniel Edmondson.  The funny thing is that I already gave the peach and jasmine painting to my mom so I can’t keep it for future reference.   The video of the critique is below.

Apple Blossoms 11 x 14 Inch Oil Painting


5 thoughts on “Critiques Jasmine with Peach and Appleblossoms with Apple

  1. The jasmine with the peach and grapes…I think you showed that one to me like a week or more ago, and I told you that there was no way he would find much wrong with it and how he would like the grapes. It is a nice nice nice painting…and I am not a still life fan (that’s what my mom always painted…bad mems for me). ________________________________


    1. Thank you Diane and yup, you did say that. I was blushing and so happy with the critique. And I definitely am taking your comment as a compliment extrodinaire!


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