Critique Butterscotch 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting

It is time for another critique.  I have nothing new painting wise to post as I have been camping.  I tried painting while I was out and the results are a bit…well, never mind.  Between the bugs and mosquitos, the wind, rain and changing light I have a mess.  However, I got another critique back that I thought went pretty well.  Daniel hit the nail on the head.  I have a hard time seeing values as I paint.  I don’t know if it is my light or me.  I suspect it is me.  It is like I am pushed away from light colors and really dark colors.  How can I show contrast without them?   I can’t.  It is also difficult to show dimension.  I had mentioned to Fruitfuldark that I was having issues in this area and he suggested I try painting in extremes, so I will continue more of that and hope to start loving the lightest lights and darkest darks.  I want to love the paint….everything about it, even the colors that don’t appeal to me.


15 thoughts on “Critique Butterscotch 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting

  1. When do I get to see little man? I’m very excited to see what your interpretation of the little ruffian is.


  2. It is hard to stop!!!! Ridiculously hard and then I dreamed about it all night because it was not finished. Lololol….one of my overhead bulbs is out. Shoot, I don’t even know what kind it is. My husband does the bulb changes and buying. What kind should I ask him to start getting do you think? Mine seem a little yellow sometimes? Sometimes blueish?

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  3. Love the painting, Dawn, I can taste the butterscotch!! Having said that, what he said at the end about the jar – did that resonate with you? Because I think he may have been right once he changed it to be a bit darker. And as he said, he made it too dark. I love the way you treated the jar, the candies, including the ones on the table and also the background I think is wonderful. This is one of my favorites of yours, I think, Dawn. Just love the way you did those candies, they are unmistakable to the point of taste when I see this one. Great job!

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    1. Hi Laura.

      Yes! It did resonate with me big time. I am having such a hard time with values. I am like a camera and want to move everything to the middle values. It is driving me nuts! I should have done darker around the jar and I could have used some darker yellows in the jar in my opinion. I really need to watch for that. Sometimes, the glare is bad and I can’t see but I need to quit painting till the light changes rather than put my head down and power through it. I noticed that last night as I was working on my last class. I quit working on my painting at 11 o’clock last night and I should have stopped around 8 ish…

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      1. I know just what you mean. It’s hard to stop when you’re in the zone though. At least in June, the nights are pretty long! But sometimes, not long enough hehe. I think now that you are aware of all this though, no place to go but up, and you’re already in a great place, I think!

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