Nine Sunflowers in the Desert 18 X 24 Landscape Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 landscape oil painting of my most favorite subjects.  The desert and sunflowers.  Something about the two together, besides the fact that it is the view I see everyday from my back yard, is the vibrant colors and life against the browns of the mesas.  They stand out among all the other flowers.


25 thoughts on “Nine Sunflowers in the Desert 18 X 24 Landscape Oil Painting

    1. Yes, if I could jest get ride of the other houses and the cinderblock wall it would be incredible!

      Right now is a musical rift and the flowers are just listening till it is time to start singing again. They have a few more seconds.

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    1. Thank you Laura. Oh goodness, dry spells. Hmmm….over, meh, till the next time anyway. It comes and goes. It’s those feelings you get when you look at other peoples art or read other people’s blogs and you basically feel like you aren’t doing any of it right. Some don’t see wet on wet as being “real art” and others think the piece has to be planned carefully for days or weeks and the painting should take months to years to complete and blah blah blah. It is overwhelming but I just need to remember that however I paint, if I practice and get good at whatever technique I am using then it really does not matter how I got there.

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      1. It doesn’t matter one speck what other people are doing or how they are doing it, unless you’re trying to learn from them. Take what you can use and feels right and discard the rest. You have a mojo! It works for you and don’t let no one mess with your mojo! 🎨💜

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  1. Beautiful. The overall composition is perfect, IMO, with the flowers neatly arranged. What a lovely view you have looking out your back door. It’s nice that you can bring that view to your art and share it with the rest of us.

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    1. Thank you Judith. It’s not the view right now, it is last years view. Right now, the holly hock have taken over that side of the yard because my chickens pulled up the sunflowers babies that were coming up. I will still have some to the west though. They were outgrowing that spot anyway.

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        1. I have painted a few roosters but never the girls. One of the things I like about roosters is their colors and their comb and waddles and hens just don’t have them like the roosters do. Baby Gracie is close, that girl has a a good size comb and bright red waddles and she is yellow. She could be an upcoming model…her and Sasha. Sasha is black and white.


        2. I love my chickens. I always wanted them too subconsciencely. I collected roosters and chicken stuff for years and when I quit working I was able to get me some and have really enjoyed them. I use the eggs for tip at the hair dressers which is really cool. The lady who owns the store likes the eggs too so she discounts my makeup and I give her eggs.

          Five of my girls were raised from 2 days old inside my office and they are very attached to me. We watched the scandal series together and they would sit on my lap.

          The 3 new ones from last September are sweet girls but they don’t like me like the others do. I got them at 5 weeks…so in the future, I will get baby babies because I like the relationship I have with them when I get them young.

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        3. Well of course! Gracie, NugNug, Sasha, Shelly, Bunnie, Hoops, Wiggles and Peanut. Hoops was a really tall baby…now she is the runt! Peanut was the smallest and now she is big and strong. Bunnie, wiggles and peanut have glorious beards and chipmunk looking cheeks…it is feathers, but still looks like puffy cheeks.

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