Wild Sunflowers by the Lake 11 X 14 inch Landscape Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch oil painting of a landscape depicting wild sunflowers growing near a desert lake on a typical cloudy day.  It probably won’t rain, but the clouds are nice to have around.  It gets hot around here.  These sunflowers seem happy to me.  One is even smiling.


17 thoughts on “Wild Sunflowers by the Lake 11 X 14 inch Landscape Oil Painting

    1. Thank you fruitful dark. Camping memories….love camping. When I was younger like before last year, we slept in the tent on the floor but my body can’t do that anymore. Really rough on the back. So no we have a camper trailer.


  1. hehe…..when I first saw your painting, I saw the beautiful clouds and then it seems as though your flowers are vying for attention…”look at me!” another squeezing in….”no! look at me!” so forth and so on….. lol a wonderful movement of cheerful attention seekers!

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  2. I think they’re all smiling, Dawn. Well, all except for that shy one hiding its face. I’m looking at your brushstrokes and admiring your ability to use “just enough”. I’m still at that stage where I haven’t learned to be “economical” with the brush. Your strokes are clear and definitive. Of course, the colors are gorgeous too. I think these flowers are singing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Judith. They could definitely be singing. It is like a regular ol Sunflower choir! I thought I saw another one smiling too. I was thinking about the painting the scream when I was doing the centers of the flower and decided to make a smile instead.

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